Cold Surf, Ice cream head ache, No crowds

Hey all,
After surfing a few little beachies up from the sunshine coast the past few days here in Australia, and pretty much getting skunked, i started to daydream about the waves at my local in Sendai Japan, I comforted myself by dreaming of flat 
windblown knee high waves, with a beach full of snow. I mean even with 2-3ft onshore beachies here i was definately better off than slogging it out in a crowded icy cold line-up back in Japan right...WRONG! check out the pic i found!


HODAD26 said...

you want cold, try Hatteras in January, snow on the beach, slushy waves! water temp 34, air 22 but......
12 ft faces,clean super clean
for the lighthouse think how big that is
nice sunny day,
that made it worthwhile to go out, especially an overnite ride from ECO on solid ice roads, in 4X4 F-150 6cyl[best truck in the world]
propane heater waiting in the truck 1978 full suits, wool tobagan onder aqua lid, vaseline on faces
that was a cold day, well rembered
another reason I moved to El Salvador in 94
baggies only!
nice pic though

Anonymous said...

That is some sick spot. I don't know too much about surfing in cold though, but that wave could just be worth it. Keep the pictures coming and I'll look forward to reading your threads on cleanline surf forum