Fanning wins the world title

A big congrats is in order to Mick Fanning after clinching the 2007 World title in Brazil today!

The news came through while Fanning was already in the line up waiting for his heat against Parko to start, Mick showed his elation by taking off on a closeout wave with both hands in the air! Fanning went on to win the heat against Parko, even scoring a little cover up!

Taj the last remaining threat to Mick's title was taken down by fellow Aussie surfer Tom Whitaker, needing an 8.10 to keep his title hopes alive.

Kelly Slater lost in the 4th round to another Aussie surfer Kai Otten who was on fire the whole event. Kelly seemed to be waiting for the perfect setup to really explode on, kicking out of several waves, while Kai powered his way through the heat with some impressive surfing.

For me I was really hoping to see Taj pull out a miracle and win the title at Pipe, but you have to hand it to Fanning, this year he has never lost a round one heat, had only one result worse than a 3rd (at trestles where an on fire Dane Reynolds smoked him, despite Fanning posting a 15+ score out of a possible 20). Fanning's consistency, drive and determination all accumulated in his first ever world title. On a touching note, he has been chasing this title since his teen years as a promise he made to his late brother. Good on ya Mick, you deserve it!

Kelly ever the good sports rep, came down and congratulated Fanning, handed him the cup and filled it with champs, so I guess that will mean that Eugene not Fanning will be surfing the final at Brazil!

Oh yeah and just to make it a little more fun, so tht no-one could claim they gave him his title, Fanning went on to win the event in Brazil, check out the crazy pic below, with crowds like tht it is remicient of the days of the OP pro in Huntington.
Feel free to post a comment and share the joy! Aussie Aussie Aussie!!! Oi Oi Oi!!!!

See the Video here

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