One reason why Laird is a GOD!

I mean, just look at this picture and try to fathom what the hell it must take to scare this guy, he is standing on a board that i no way designed to ride the tube, especially not the death cylinder that is Chopes! But what fries my brain about this pic is how far out on that heaving lip he is and the dude isnt even looking!!

Big shout out to Tim McKenna for this shot it is a personal favorite.

If you still need some proof that Laird Hamilton is the bigest hellman of all time, just look at the next few shots!

Another SUP shot and yet again Laird is charging at Chopes !

Huge Left at Jaws, No comment needed...INSANE!

Teahupoo Holloween 2007 that is a thick damn lip!

And of coarse, THAT SHOT FROM CHOPES!!! I mean guys have riden bigger since, but the lip on this one still gives me chills. We have all seen this wave a thousand times over, but hell just look at it, it's like a car crash, you just can't look away!


pointsurfbaja said...

Yeah but he is the reason the oarons have invaded our lineups. I think I will never forgive the guy.

Adam said...

yeah, we dont get much of that here yet, only 1 or 2 guys and they are total beginners, are they like the guys that steal sets from them longboarders? pushing us shortboarders even further down the pecking order? Me personally I am either a shortboard or fish surfer, tried longboard, but was just too much board to throw around for me, like to keep it all skatey!