Is Kelly going to Bells, 9th world title or is he done?

Well, What do you all think?
We have seen Kelly Lay this out before right?
"I am not sure if I am into the whole WCT scene" but is he for real or is this just another psych out routine by the master?
I have heard the take on it from the likes of Martin Potter, Bede Durbridge and Mick fanning, who all say Kelly will run for the title, personally I think he will, but only time will tell. What are your thoughts, drop a comment and be heard!
Either way, with this years WCT line up it is set to be a great showdown, lets all take a moment and pray for a few waves, some solid swells to make it a real show down. That is after we pray for the most important swells, the one at our Locals!!!! hehe

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