Kelly Rings his 3rd Bell, at the Rip Curl Pro, Bells Beach Australia

The heat opened up with Bede Durbidge taking a quick in and out for a 0.5 only to have Kelly Slater boom the next wave in the set and take it to the sand to log a 7.33.
Not to out done, Bede came back firing with a sick wave, throwing half his board over the lip, bombing a nice floater and finishing it all of with his trademark layback snap in the closeout beachie, dropping a bomby 8.83. and then backing it up with 6.33

Kelly came back with a nice one chasing a 7.84 but coming up short with a 7.23, looking for something better, Kelly made the paddle up to Rincon. A risky move that the master made work for him, Busting out a massive air, to land a an 8.3 and take the lead back from Bede. Leaving Bede, with priority chasing a 6.8 with 3 minutes to go! I was biting my nails by this point! Bede Caught his last wave with 15secs left on the clock, but only got a 3.67. Giving Kelly his 3rd bell and his second straight win on this years ASP pro tour!

Very few surfers in history have taken 3 bells home, putting Kelly Slater in the exclusive company of Mark Richards, Michael Peterson and Sonny Garcia, Making Kelly the 4th Ever surf to get the hat trick!

"it feels awesome! I thought Bede had me, I headed up to Rincon thinking oh Bede's got this one I may as well just head up there and see if anything breaks" Kelly said, "The Bell is arguable the greatest trophy to ever get in surfing"

Congrats Kelly, and Congrats Bede!

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jesie said...

That is so awesome! He's a great surfer!

Anna said...

You have the best music of any blogger that I have come across. It really got the juices flowing this morning and my 8 month old daughter loved it too. (I played about 5 times)
Keep up the great work.

Adam said...

Thank you Anna
That was probably the best comment I have ever received since I began blogging 5 months ago!
I am stoked you like the blog, I will keep writing so long as people enjoy reading!