Firewire Surfboard Vs Shallow Reef

I was getting a little tired of hearing about how strong these Firewire surfboards are, sick of the hype, sick of people accompanying a statement like "They say these Firewire surfboards don't break" with a sturdy smack on the deck!
The reason I was sick of it all, was because I had no way of knowing if it was true or not, and at $700US a board I was in no hurry to test it.
I finally got proof of how sturdy these boards are the other day though, while surfing a reef break at 4-5ft the other day, and pushing it just a tad to close to the low end of the tide. I kicked out of a nice mid sized 3-4ft left looked back towards the lineup to grin and gloat to my mates about the ride I just scored, but was instead greeted with a 5ft closeout set that planned to land right on top of me! Normally this wouldn't seem so bad, but when you are in less than knee deep water over a sharp reef with no forward momentum, I can tell you it sucks ass!
Long story short, the wave landed on my back, slammed both me and my board into the reef, the board hit so hard that I bruised my ribs a little against the deck.
Now for most boards out there that would have been it, probably end up snapped or unrideable...here is how the Firewire fared!

Final Verdict: Firewire Surfboards are well worth the heavy price tag


How To Surf said...

I love firewire's, gonna get a new one someday.

Sean Dennis said...

Hey bud, i've got a firwire out in here in Nicaragua...sick board! love it! Love ur blog by the way, i've got something similar we're trying to create a directory for info for visiting surfers to SJDS, Nicaragua. have a look at http://www.sanjuansurf.com
let me know what you think

Paul - Surf Fit said...

There are so few over here in Aus...... if you have one everone stops and checks it out.....

Hank Priest said...

Beware....my less than 2 month old Firewire broke in half in a 4 foot Cape Cod swell with a sandy bottom.
Strong????i'd say not. Buyers beware. You'll be out $800. Made in Thailand is the same as made in China. In this case, you don't get what you paid for.
E mail me at hp629@verizon.net and i'll send you pics.