Kelly Slater & Laird Hamilton: Surfer's, Writers, Legends!

Easily two of the greatest surfers of all time are releasing books, whatever these books take on, it should be taken at as a awesome opportunity to learn from two of the worlds most influential surfers. To be able to see how they do it, to see what makes them tick, to see what it might be like to walk a day in their sandles…

Laird Hamilton and Kelly Slater. To call these guys legends would be an understatement. Each has reached to the top of the surfing world, raised the bar they set over and over again. They essentially revolutionized the sport in a way that few surfers have. Kelly and Laird are the ultimate cross section of surfing frontier men, building on the foundations laid by legendary surfers like Tom Curren and Greg Noll respectively.

Laird’s book, Force of Nature: Mind, Body, Soul and, of Course, Surfing has already been released. Force of Nature is what he calls a map of the choices he’s made along the way that have led him to reach the levels he has reached throughout all aspects of his life. “It’s about quality over quantity and being true to your physical, mental, and spiritual roots. Not only is it possible to thrive in the modern world without adopting its harmful habits: it’s essential” he says. Gabrielle Reece and Dave Kalama, as well as various food and health gurus have all helped contribute to Force of Nature.

‘Kelly Slater: For the Love’ is the 9x world champion’s soon to be released book. Throughout his career Kelly has embodied many roles in the surfing world; Professional surfer, world-class athlete, environmental and social activist, musician and worldwide celebrity. Kelly has always been one of those enegmatic iconic types of people who just seem to draw people to follow him, regardless of whether he desires it or not . Even more intriguing in Kelly's latest book are the people interviewed, From Jack Johnson, Eddie Vedder, and Shaun Thomson all the way to the one and only Pamela Anderson. Should be an awesome read! Chronicle Books will be releasing Kelly Slater: For the Love on Nov. 17


Surf Ambassador Hendo said...

Hey man, love the blog! The lay out is epic! And the insight and knowledge is sick as well. Think I'm gona go grab a copy of Slatees new book after that insight!

JYog said...

Thanks for the note. I'll check those out. I'm not any Kelly Slater but I also have a surf book coming out this May. It's called Saltwater Buddha: a surfer's quest to find Zen on the sea. Let me know if you'd like to review an early copy. It's getting good reviews so far. More at www.jaimalyogis.com