Kelly Slater vs Jamie O'Brien round 2 heat Teahupoo

Both surfers opened up with a deep shack, but kelly through a nice roundhouse and a floater to come up trumps from the exchange, throwing down a 9.0 to O'briens 7.33.

The next exchange went to Jamie with a nice short barrel taken under Kelly's priority to post a 6.57. Kelly stroked into a weird monster next that slammed him in a foam cave scoring a 1.5 for his trouble and loosing his priority.

Kelly then went on to post a 5.33 an 8.07 and a 9.70 to put Jamie into nasty combo land. O'Brien sat patiently outside waiting for a wave that he could pull a 10 point ride, but never quite got there.

The heat went to Kelly Slater 18.70 over Jamie O'Brien 13.90

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