New Firewire Surfboards arrived today!

My buddy Danny and I have been like two kids waiting on Christmas for these firewire boards to make their way from LA to Japan and give them a hook. They turned up today and we just sat there frothing over the the shape, the lines, the rocker, the logo, the fins, the fin key, the bag the fins came in... I got a 6'4" alternator bump squash, Danny being a 6'3" tall solid dude opted for the 6'10" swallow tail Alternator. we laid them out on the lawn and just admired the way the sun gleaned off the deck, and then ripped open the tail grips we had bought the same day we ordered the boards and began to lay them out.
After the first surf in less than great waves here is what I thought of the firewire alternator:

Paddles like a 6'6" PU
Duck dives like a 5'10"
Light as hell yet stable through chop, I don't know how the hell they did it!

The minute my feet hit the deck this board exploded, I have never felt a board accelerate like this one! so light you only have to think about turning and it is already hitting the lip! I am sold on these boards so much that even at $700 if it broke tomorrow I would be placing an order for another one without hesitation!

If you are thinking about buying one, dont hesitate, the price may be a tad heavy, but you wont regret it!

For more information on these awesome boards check out FIREWIRE SURFBOARDS!

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