ASP Australasia launches a new website

ASP Australasia announced the release of the new ASP Australasia website www.aspaustralasia.com today as the former regional licensee makes the transition as the fourth of the global ASP Regional Branches, having recently joined ASP Japan, North America and Africa in ASP International’s burgeoning branch structure.

The new look website is part of the global transition and completes a branded web identification synergy with other ASP regional branches around the world.

The new ASP Australasia website offers all the key ASP World Tour information and news, and additionally all regional information is available on ASP World Qualifying Series, ASP Pro Junior and ASP Longboard Qualifying Series events.

Online entry and membership payments for all ASP Regional events through a secure payment system remain in place, providing a secure and highly efficient method of entering events on a 24/7 basis.

The website also comprises multimedia pages including photos, press and video clips available from a broad range of ASP events.

ASP Australasia Tour Manager Glenn Best quoted today: “We are happy to be moving the ASP Australasia brand into alignment with the other regions as a branch office. Completing the transformation of the ASP Australasia website has been a major undertaking as part of the transition.”

For ASP Australasia members and the viewing public, the distinct and direct focus on ASP activities now offers a more effective website for those seeking direct ASP Australasia information, as part of the general ASP World tour user experience.

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