Taj Burrows through to the Quarter Finals

The Rip Curl Search from somewhere in Indo has been full of upsets. With Kelly Slater bowing out in round three and Parko,Andy, Mick and Bede getting retired in round 4. The door to jump back into the race for the 08` ASP title has slipped open.
Taj will face off against Chris Ward in heat 4 of the quarter`s, which looks to be a hell of a heat. Wardo took out A.I with a sick combo score, which saw Andy paddle in with 2mins left on the clock after throwing in his hat and going switchfoot on his last wave.

The swell is still charging, a clean 3-4ft, solid sets and a whole bunch of surfers who thrive in these conditions, who ever takes this one is going to have to push the limits. The past few years have seen so many events on the tour, being run due to time constraints in less then perfect conditions, but this years search event has been awesome, as it always seems to be. Well done to the crew at Rip Curl.

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