Andy and Bruce Just Phoning it in!

Well if you follow the WCT you have to be thinking WTF is going on with Andy Irons? I mean Bruce is really not doing anything unless the waves are pumping, case in point, Somwhere in Indo, but he is also not trying to requalify for the tour so that is that. Andy on the other hand is just not into it at all. In trestles he was out there taking off on waves fins first etc, now in France at the Quikilver pro, he doesn't even show for his heat. Hell his trainer, doesn't even know where the hell he is. Bruce said that Andy is the kind of guy where if he cant win the whole thing he wont be in it. I can understand that, I mean there was a time not long ago when the tour seemed to start off and instantly was all about the Kelly/Andy rivalry, Now Kelly is beyond dominant and it seems that Andy has hung up his leash and given up.

Here is my problem with that, Andy is on the WCT, there are a ton of guys out there who would kill to be in his shoes and surf the tour, if he isn't going to even show up, why not make it official and let them throw in an extra wildcard at the rest of the events? With his points the way they are, he will have no issues requalifing, so why not take some time off, give another surfer their dream break, get some perspective and come back next year guns blazing? Andy's attitude at the moment, kind of reminds me of the rebel without a cause bullshit you did in High school, not the actions of one of the world best surfers and a role model for so many upcoming surfers!

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