The Quiksilver Pro France

THE WAVE: The main contest break of La Nord in Hossegor has been known to toss up a 10-to 12-foot face or two when autumn swells arrive. Extremely tidal, the soft sand beaches of the region offer the world's best the perfect canvass for progressive surfing and reckless abandon.

PERKS: Topless tanning, mile after mile of potentially firing beachbreaks, and locals doing their utmost to get you drunk.

PERILS: Chocolate-filled croissants, crepes mixed with oodles of red wine do not a thin man make, and you try to concentrate on your heat when you have to walk through a beach full of stunning topless babes on your way to the water. It's a trip and fall over on the fins disaster in the making.

APRES SURF: The Rock Food and Dick's Sand Bar are two of Hossegor's most happening hotspots. They virtually roll out the red carpet and treat the surfers like royalty when they come to town. That and also the fact that Spain is a short one-hour ride away can lay claim to an eve or two of good times.

WCT HISTORY: Quiksilver was granted a French ASP World Tour event license in 2001 and the rest is history. Hossegor has wailed during the autumn waiting period annually since its inception.

NOTABLE: The Irons brothers met in their first-ever man-on-man final in France in 2004. still hurting after losing his heat against little brother Bruce the event prior, Andy was more than amped to beat his brother and win the event. He repeated the win in '05 for good measure.

2007: Mick Fanning ''AUS''
2006: Joel Parkinson ''AUS''
2005: Andy Irons ''HAW''
2004: Andy Irons ''HAW''
2003: Andy Irons ''AUS''
2002: Neco Padaratz ''BRA''
2001: Cancelled due to 9/11 Tragedy


Birdman said...

I'm up in Hossegor in a couple of days, how's the swell doing at the moment?

Adam said...

Swell is 2-3ft, bit fat, but the tides is probably doing that. Forecast is predicting a good pulse in the swell on tuesday/wednesday.
Have a blast and a few beers for me you lucky dog! haha