The Boost Mobile Pro Final Taj Burrows vs Kelly Slater

Hell I dont know what to say, this was probably the greatest heat I have ever seen.
Taj threw down a 9.0 and a 9.63 within the first 10 minutes of the 35min final at trestles today, scores like that are 99% of the time deal closers in heats.

Kelly was so deep in combo land that it was almost time to tune out and go to sleep! But it's Kelly Slater, probably the only surf in the top 44 to love combo land! Kelly snapped into a medium sized wave went berserk and threw down a 9.7.

Kelly still needed a 8.93 to take the heat, he then threw down an 8.3 punched the water when the score was announced. Looked like Taj took a deep breath at this point. Then with a minute to go, Kelly took off under Taj's priority and slammed down a 9.2 went switch foot and threw out a huge claim even before the score was announced. Kelly went into the beach to get mobbed by the crowd and carried up the beach. Taj scratched for anything to try and top a 9.0 but the ocean didn't offer up anything in time.
Basically Kelly only needs to make it through 2 or 3 heats in any of the remaining event on the tour this year to be able to officially take an unprecedented 9th world title.
If their is a devil, then Kelly is intimate with him!

End result Taj 18.63 vs Kelly 18.97


dclancy said...

I'm a huge Slater fan, I loved the fact that he kicked Andy Irons to the curb, Irons and his crew have to be the worst role models who are poster boys for staying in school to educate yourselves......c'mon glorifying hanging out with 17 time convicted, complete bonehead Kala Alexander?

Slater is a role model to be looked up to, and should be commended for this actions outside of surfing

I digress, Taj Burrow should have won today, his waves were bigger he surfed the hell out of them, the judges treated Slater like Michael Jordan today, I feel bad for Taj, there is no way his 2nd wave, which was way bigger, he did more turns, surfed in longer, than Slaters last wave, seriously, the surf industry has the fix in, Slater + Big $$$$ for them, which ironically brings me back to Irons, he should have won the JBay contest a few yrs back which he lost to Jordan.....

Adam said...

Totally agree with you there mate!

Regan said...

Taj killed it, Kelly looked way off on the inside section